about “the TWO Who wander”

                            Anneliese and David


From the time we first met, we loved going for walks and exploring new places. We wandered along beaches, lakes, mountains, or simple trails in the woods. We’ve ventured by foot, snowshoes, bicycles, canoes, kayaks, car, RV and sailboats (David’s current passion).

We will try (almost) anything once, and have yet to find a destination we haven’t enjoyed…..

    I grew up camping with my 6 siblings, so it was only natural for me to drag David out into the woods on our very first vacation together. He was immediately hooked (it might have had something to do with the deer that just sauntered through the campsite)! We spent many years tenting and evolved into a pop-up, then a travel trailer as our needs grew with our family. While our heart and soul resides is in those tents, our “older” bodies now appreciate the creature features of our Class C RV (chosen so we could tour, but still get lake-side!)

   Here I endeavor to  chronicle the places we have wandered, as well as the things to do along the way (see our journey). If you are like me, you’d prefer to have a general plan, or a more set itinerary (see Ready, set..GO! for some of our plans). We are also always in search of a good brew, the way we prefer to end an adventure, so you may find some hints for those here and there (and in the Blog).

My hope is that you will be inspired to get out there and see them for yourselves!



Wilderness is a necessity, there must be places for human beings to satisfy their souls ”  ~unknown.  



...relaxing at a peaceful, scenic spot


Just a bit more:


We met at college in Rode Island and now reside in Northern Massachusetts.

David’s latest “hobby” was to learn to sail. I am content to go along for the ride…but do have to help occasionally (I can spot objects to avoid!).

I spent many years doing research and development in the Biotech industry. I then pursued a second career in teaching (elementary grades). This site is perhaps the combined result of my two passions- science/ nature and learning / teaching.

I also enjoy cooking, reading and planning places for us to visit.




Captain David